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Payment Options

If you need alternative payment methods to buying direct from our website paying in full, we have some alternatives for you to make it a bit easier for you to purchase your dream piece.

If you would like a payment plan set up email and she will set this up for you. 

  1. 50% deposit. Remaining 50% balance upon completion. 
  2. X % deposit and the remaining balance in instalments. 
  3. Lay-by of the full amount. We can break up the instalments over as long as you need i.e. 6 weeks/fortnights. The longer you do it, the lower the amounts which makes it a bit easier. This is set up with an automatic payment plan linked to an account or card of your choice, for the frequency and and instalment amount that suits you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you decide to cancel your layby, 30% of the total retail cost of the jewellery is non-refundable. If the amount paid to date upon cancellation has not yet reached 30% of the total retail cost, you will be entitled to pay the difference up to 30% as your termination fee. This is to cover towards the costs of labor and materials that we will have already used in beginning to make your ring. If something comes up and you need to change your layby agreement, please feel welcome to call or email us at any time as we are more than happy work with you to accomodate your change requests as much as possible. Thank you for your understanding :)