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Diamonds & Gemstone Information

Forever One Moissanite:

Known as lab created moissanite or man made diamonds, while chemically it is silicon carbide (SiC), our lab created moissanite are the best diamonds that technology can deliver. It's formed from a specific structural configuration of silicon carbide. The best part is that they are not dug out of the earth but instead are created by a scientist in a lab. Our Forever One Moissanite's are a fraction of the price of a mined diamond of like kind and quality. Save your money and be kind to the earth. Like all of our stones, they are guaranteed conflict free and is grown in the USA.

They are optically the same as a natural diamond but with some added features. More fire dispersion than a natural diamond: Dispersion 0.104. Also more Brilliance: Refractive index 2.65-2.69. And carry a Mohs hardness of 9.25 coming in close to a natural diamonds hardness of 10. They are grown in a carefully controlled laboratory setting, and deliver the highest quality grade of all lab created diamonds and moissanite available.

Carat weight VS millimetre measurement for moissanite. The carat is the traditional unit of measurement for a diamond's weight. Moissanite is not measured in carats because it weighs approximately 10 percent less than diamond. For example, a 6.5mm round diamond would weigh 1.0ct, while a 6.5mm round moissanite would weigh 0.88ct. The two stones would be the same size - 6.5mm in diameter. All stones for sale are listed with their size in millimeters and the diamond equivalent weight (DEW) in carats.

We envision a future where diamonds do not harm our environment. We recognise growing consumer consciousness around large scale diamond mining and are thus proud to offer an alternative as part of our range – which are grown in a controlled environment, with significantly smaller carbon footprint and very little environmental impact.


This crystal also attracts the abundance of love into one’s life and assists in maintaining that love as it continues to grow. It encourages loving thoughts and actions, consideration and responsibility, and being receptive to love from others. As a crystal of the heart, it may be used to attract one’s soul mate or in deepening a current relationship. It inspires joy and reverence for life, and increases the opportunities which allow one to experience unconditional love. Mohs Hardness: 7.5-8

Black Diamond Info:

Black diamonds are different from most other diamonds in that they are entirely opaque. Still, black diamonds are precious stones that are beautiful and considered valuable, though more affordable than most other coloured diamonds. Due to their similarities to other gemstones as well as unusual colour and characteristics, many questions arise. Here are some of the commonly asked questions.

What is a Black Diamond?

No one knows exactly how carbonados formed in nature, but the leading theories are that carbonados were created from a meteorite impact or space residue from an exploding star, or that they formed naturally deep within the earth from extreme pressure conditions.

 The crystalline structure in carbonados are different than the crystalline structure in regular diamonds

 Carbonados tend to have deep fissures and pits within the stones which can affect the strength, durability and look of the stones – these physical features limit the amount of natural carbonado diamonds available for black diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. These features can also be visible to the naked eye in black diamonds so they are often not COMPLETELY solid black. This also means they can be quite brittle and must be treated with more care than some other stones. Knocks and bombs to black diamonds can be disastrous and can literally chip or scratch them. Once we finish your black diamond ring and inspect it, it will leave our studio in perfect condition. Once you wear the ring for a while and notice a chip or a scratch we will not be liable for your damage. Faulty workmanship yes but scratching it against a brick wall: no.

 Grading Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are not graded like colourless diamonds, instead they are graded based upon qualities which are used to grade fancy colour diamonds or coloured gemstones. 

Black diamonds are also often labeled as AAA, AA and A grades with AAA being the highest grade. We only use AAA grade black diamonds. 

Special Care for Black Diamond Rings

Natural carbonados, colourless treated black diamonds and black diamond simulants should not be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners as the colour of the diamonds can be affected. 

Carbonados can be more prone to cracking and chipping because of their porous nature, so black diamond engagement rings and wedding bands made with carbonados should not be exposed to hard knocks or blows. Avoid exposing carbonados to harsh chemicals as well.

Remember, most carbonados have black, grey and even white colour variations and are usually not completely solid black. 

Keep these factors in mind when purchasing your black diamond rings. We are here to assist you each step of the way and guarantee our workmanship and choose only the finest black diamonds but its up to you to take care of her once she's in your care.

Once you have made your purchase we can send you photos of the diamonds we have available for you to choose your own. We can send you the most detailed photos for you to choose accordingly. Once you have chosen your stone, its yours for your setting and your setting is designed accordingly. So if you get it and you notice something you don’t like and it is apparent in the photos unfortunately we can not swap it over without having to rebuild a brand new ring and this will incur a fee. Better yet, pop in store and choose one! But if this isn't possible we can send you lots of detailed photos.

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