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Partii Sapphires

  • September is here. Birthstone of the month: Sapphire. Lets explore Partii Sapphire

    September is here. Birthstone of the month: Sapphire. Lets explore Partii Sapphire
    I thought Winter was never going to end. Every year I say that. Winter and I are ok in small doses. But by the end of August I welcome Spring with open arms. And here we are, at the start of September. The start of our BLOG! Yup, thats right, we're going to either bore, entertain or educate you through a monthly blog post.    
    It's September, the sun is shining, the ocean is glistening so the perfect time to  explore the birthstone of September, Sapphire. It's the most lusted over stone for us at the moment. Those dreamy mixes of colours have our clients swooning over every single one we find. They get snatched up right before our eyes and we often can't keep up with the demand (a great problem to have!)

    Gemstones come in and out of fashion. Sometimes pastel is in, sometimes its green. They feel like a time portal to another time, another dimension. The retain memory, they reawaken memories and may be considered a precious thing from another era that hold a special place in your heart. Another reason a gemstone can be significant for some people because it also happens to be their birthstone. And if you are lucky enough to be born in September, Sapphire is your Birthstone. Lucky you!!


    Sapphire comes from the Greek word which unsurprisingly means blue, like the colour of the gemstone itself. Many ornamental jewellery pieces made in the past consisted of beautiful and attractive sapphire stones which represented purity, integrity, honesty and wealth among people. Paving the way for the domination of sapphire in use of jewellery. Not to mention a MOHS hardness of 9, second to Diamond, the sapphire is almost as tough as it comes, making it perfect for engagement rings. 

    Blue sapphires are a classic, everyone knows sapphires come in blue but this precious gemstone is also available in other delicious colours like green, yellow, violet, orange and pink. FYI, we can source all of these colours for you!! The most popular choice for us at the moment is the green or partii sapphire.


    Partii sapphires are a sparkling fusion of green, blue and yellow. The three colors are showcased in a single alluring gemstone making it very valuable and desirable to many people. They are striking, individual and dreamy, just like all our engagement rings, making them a match made in heaven for our designs. 

    The uniqueness and individuality of partii sapphires is making a strong impact on the jewellery making industry where the popular demand of green and partii sapphires is giving birth to intricate and gorgeous pieces made to showcase them. Like trapping the ocean on your finger. 

    Our favourite partii sapphires come from a family owned-mine in Queensland, Australia but also from Madagascar where you get those really Teal mixes of greens. Our designers and jewellers at Windfall Jewellery understand how special a gemstone can be and the kind of sentimental values it can possess. So reach out if you want us to hand source the PERFECT one for you. 

    Reach out to me via email ( and I will hold your hand every step of the way. Its a fun ride :)

    Love Lani xx


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