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Rustic Red Kite Diamond

Rustic Red Kite Diamond
  • Rustic Red Kite Diamond
  • Rustic Red Kite Diamond

Part of the Bespoke Range the Kite Steller features a kite cut diamond with 7 x 2mm bezel set accent stones forming a crown around the top (or bottom depending on how you wear it) of the diamond. Creating a low laying, less snaggy engagement ring.

This piece is a one off. Never to be remade again. Why? Because it features a stunning 2.5CT rustic red kite  diamond cut into a stunning geometrical shape and we'll probably never come across another one like it. Made in 14CT yellow gold in a Size L

As part of the Bespoke Range your stone will be hand sourced specifically for you. We can make this style for you again once we source you the perfect stone. Pricing will reflect the size, colour of the diamond you choose and will be as individual and unique as your partner is. Picture shows an organic red diamond in a kitecut. We can source you heaps of different options to have a really unique coloured and cut stone. 

Shown paired with the Steller stacker, sold separately.

If you are after a specific centre stone option that we don't have listed or any custom changes please email

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