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The Kitsune is the lover of the Sunshower (ring). Having a matched design; a flat  band set with a 10 x 8mm or 9 x 7mm semi precious gemstone, this time in an oval cut.

A sunshower is a meteorological phenomenon in which rain falls while the sun is shining. Additionally, the phenomenon has a wide range of sometimes remarkably similar folkloric names in cultures around the world. A common theme is that of clever animals and tricksters getting married. In Japan, it is known as "Kitsune no yomeiri", or "The kitsune's wedding", and means a fox's wedding ceremony is being held. We feel it was only fitting to call this style, the soulmate of the Sunshower Ring, the Kitsune. 

If your size is not in the options provided please choose any size and leave us a NOTE in your purchase letting us know what ring size you are after.

If you would like a different stone they can be ordered in for you. Email - with your enquiry.

Available in sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum.

We envision a future where we do as little harm to our environment as possible. We recognise the growing consciousness around sustainability and use as many eco friendly practices within our studio. From our recycled packaging, and also fully recyclable packing or recycling our gold and sterling silver to our fully sustainable wooden ring boxes we are having a significantly smaller carbon footprint and very little environmental impact.

Tips for choosing a size
: Below you will find a ring size guide to follow. If your size is not in our checkout options please choose any size, and in the comment box at the end of your purchase leave the size you are after.

Most common girls index finger size is a Size P. Most common mens index finger is a Size T. Most common mens Pinky is a Size P.

This ring has been hand designed and made by Windfall Jewellers in their Melbourne studio. Please view the handling and shipping FAQ's for further information about estimated times of arrival of your Windfall Jewellery piece/pieces.