All Windfall Jewellery items are guaranteed for a period of 12 months, from the date of purchase/collection
, against faults in materials and workmanship, irrespective of the country of purchase. Your Windfall Jewellery item will be repaired or replaced free of charge, provided that the fault falls within the terms of this guarantee.

In the instance an item is faulty, the item must be returned for inspection.

Damage and/or defects caused by fair wear and tear, accidents, use which is unreasonable or inconsistent with Windfall Jewellery's instructions, dismantling or repair by persons other than authorised Windfall repair specialists are not covered by this guarantee.

When jewellery is repaired under warranty, only the remaining term of the original warranty will continue to apply. When jewellery is replaced under warranty, the new item of jewellery will have a new standard twelve month warranty from the date of replacement.

Windfall Jewellery reserves the right to judge whether or not an item has been subject to abuse, abnormal wear, alteration, substitution, or any type of use causing deterioration. If on inspection the Jewellery shows any of these, the guarantee is entirely void.

Please contact us via email first to discuss the problem and come up with the solution BEFORE you pay the repair fee.

Once paid please send your Windfall Jewellery back to us via registered post with a tracking number and signature so that if your piece is lost on its way to us we will not be held responsible and you can track it. We then send it back to you once repaired or replaced via Registered Express Post.

Please select the correct product repair or replacement that was recommended for you in the options available.


 RING RE-SIZE UP & DOWN - (2 to 3 weeks from a Wednesday)

 Sterling Silver: from size H to P $30

      from size P & 1/2 to V $40

      from size V & 1/2 to Z + $55

 9k Gold: from size H to P $60

      from size P & 1/2 to V $85

      from size V & 1/2 to Z + $105

 18k Gold: from size H to P $85

      from size P & 1/2 to V $105

      from size V & 1/2 to Z + $125

RING SCRATCH REMOVAL, CLEAN & POLISH, RE-ROUNDING (generally on the spot if a jeweller is available otherwise aprox 5 working days) Scratch removal ,ultrasonic and re-rounding to sterling silver, yellow or rose gold - $35

RING SCRATCH REMOVAL, CLEAN/POLISH & RHODIUM PLATE TO WHITE GOLD (2 weeks from a Wednesday) Any white gold rings that need a scratch removal and clean will need to be re-rhodium plated generally so the overall cost of a clean will be $69 unless the customer does not want it re-plated and in that case it will be the above $35 pricing.

CLAW REPAIR & STONE RE-SET (SOLITAIRE,HALO OR STONE SET RING) (3 to 4 weeks from a Wednesday) If a claw has been snagged on clothing or material etc and snapped off or pulled away generally it will need to be laser soldered for strength and the stone removed and re set. $90

 REPLACE ACCENT STONES (2 to 3 weeks from a Wednesday)

* If the ring has been damaged by the customer ie: squashed etc then the price to replace an accent is $50 for a 2mm or 3mm accent and $70 for a 4mm

* If the ring has not been visibly damaged from assessment and is in the 12month warranty there is no cost.

  • If the ring has no visible damage but it is out of the 12month warranty the price is $50