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Halo Ring - Finer Band


The halo ring features a 1CT, 1.5CT or 2CT or 6mm, 7mm or 8mm centre stone surrounded by natural white diamonds forming a 'halo' around the centre stone. The ring band has natural white diamonds down each shoulder to complete the setting. 

This version of the halo is deliberately fine and delicate as many love this look aesthetically. It is important to be aware that if you opt for a finer band and a delicate setting of this nature, it does require more care. As all the stones are held in to a fine delicate band with delicate micro claws, it is easier for a damage to occur if the ring is sustained damage like hard knocks, or bent out of shape which may cause the stone/s to loosen. We do not recommend this setting if you are heavy handed or use your hands a lot physically as part of your occupation. If you need something a more robust for every day day where that is not so delicate, we recommend the Halo Ring with the Thicker band which you can find here.

Stones available: 

-Black Diamond -Black Sapphire - Moissanite - Morganite - Grey Moissanite

The following stones are available upon request.

-Partii, Blue or Green Sapphire - Natural Certified White Diamond - Salt & Pepper Diamonds - Champagne Diamonds - Lab Grown Diamonds

We carry these stones in store but each holds unique colouring and prices. Simply email us for this option.  *We will source the stone specifically for you and discuss the pricing directly with you as there are so many different options suited to your budget 

Fine setting:
1.1 mm white (GH Colour, SI clarity) or black accent diamonds set with fine claws make up this delicate setting and slightly thinner ring band (1.9mm width)

 If you are after a specific centre stone option that we don't have listed or any custom changes please email