Design Your Own Partii Sapphire Ring




The hype is real. Partii, green, blue sapphires....they are the 'it' stone choice right now. Here you get to choose your exact stone, the style you want it made into and we will take care of the rest.
Design a ring for your partner which is as unique as you are. 
Choose the centre centre stone, gold colour, accents and away we go. We'll build this ring to your designs specifications. After all, no one knows your partner better than you do, so tell us what needs to be done and we'll do it. 
Each ring features a natural salt and pepper diamond. Our stones are conflict free and we have a focus on sustainable practices within our studio. 
What to do:
1. Start with the sapphire for the centre piece. Choose the sapphire you would like to use. We have listed all available stones. If you don't see what you like feel free to email us or what for a monthly update with new stock.
2. Choose the type of gold you would like to use + ring size + setting type + metal finish. 
With all of these options we give you the opportunity to be hands on in the design process creating something which is truly bespoke and one of a kind. 
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