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Ethical wedding rings

Typically when shopping for wedding bands, you want to ensure that you’re picking not just the right design for you, but something that will stand the test of time and will always hold a place in your heart. A wedding ring should be a piece that you’ll look at and be instantly reminded of your loved one and the special day that you both said: “I do”.

Handcrafted wedding bands

At Windfall Jewellery, we offer a range of ethical wedding ring designs that are as unique as you are. Whether you’re looking for a handcrafted wedding band that pays homage to classic design, or a ring that boasts a mix of modern and edgy features and materials – we’ve got just the thing. After all, your custom wedding band or wedding ring stacker is a symbol of your commitment to your other half, so it’s crucial that your ring represents not just your relationship, but your individuality and is something you’ll always cherish and keep close to you forever.

Ethical and sustainable wedding rings

Our custom wedding rings are made with the finest silver and gold. Our materials and stones are ethically sourced from local suppliers and cutters where possible, making for a truly unique ring design. We specialise in ethical diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds and sapphires. If you’re after a bit different for the groom, we do a huge range of signet rings which are fully customisable as well as contemporary metals like Zirconium. We also offer a bespoke service where we can create a one off where no two rings are the same, this is something we pride ourselves on and love doing– when you wear a bespoke ring made by Windfall Jewellery, you’re wearing a design that’s been carefully designed with you and/or your partner and crafted by hand by our team.

Our Melbourne-based studio creates bespoke and ethical wedding bands and rings – alongside ethical engagement rings and statement everyday jewellery – with a sustainability focus. We approach each design with an ethical framework, ensuring that each piece uses locally sourced materials and stones, each of them of the finest quality to ensure each ring design is tailored to you and unique to the wearer. Every wedding band and ring that comes out of our studio has been made with ethically sourced materials and right down to the packaging.

Everything we do results in providing you with the most ethical wedding rings possible. We use the best materials and eco-friendly practices to reduce the impact our jewellery has on the planet. Consider one of our fully sustainable wooden ring boxes for your wedding rings. It’s a beautiful way to showcase your ring without leaving a big carbon footprint behind.

Our stacker wedding bands available online offer a lot of versatility. Each style is made to wear with one of our ring settings. You can also choose to wear the band alone or add more than one. The way you wear yours is as unique as the design you choose.

Rings at Windfall are custom-made by their team of jewellers. Our ethical wedding bands add the perfect complement to our unique designs. Their partnership is just as fitting as yours with your soul mate.

Choose your wedding band from solid rose gold, yellow gold, white gold or platinum We also have designs made with diamond accents. Keep your wedding rings as traditional as you want or go for something truly modern and unique. Your wedding band symbolizes your commitment and the love you share for the rest of your lives.

You only have one chance to say, “I love you forever.” At Windfall Jewellery, we give you the unique jewellery designs you need to put into your own words. Browse our range of wedding band designs and find the one that expresses your sentiments and ideals. Our wedding bands are made for him, for her, forever!