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Toi Et Moi #3


Toi Et Moi engagement ring

Meaning “you and me” in French, Toi Et Moi engagement rings are typically not one but TWO stones (lucky you!) worn on one ring symbolic of YOU AND ME. As The Spice Girls so famously put it, "When two become one".

Toi Et Moi rings were popular in the last 19th and early 20th centuries. In 1776 former French Commander, Napoleon Bonapart gave his partner Josephine Beauharnais a Toi Et Moi ring made with a sapphire and a diamond. 

Today the Toi et Moi ring is more than just an engagement ring and can be given as a promise ring, or simply as a token of love.  A nice way to add deeper meaning to this piece is to choose a ring set with your partner's birthstone.  Even better, customise your ring with both of your birthstones for the ultimate romantic symbol. For more information about toi et Moi's, you can read our blog about them here.

We have given some gemstone options. If what you are dreaming of isn't listed please select the CUSTOM option and we will contact you and chat you through it.  All Salt and Pepper Diamond options are listed as $0. Please select and we will email you quotes based off what is available. 


Oval - 10x8mm

Pear - 8x6mm

Ring shank - 2mm

These sizes can be customised.

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