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Celestial Ring


Celestial Ring

Introducing the Celestial Ring by Windfall Jewellery—an ethically crafted masterpiece that combines celestial inspiration with a rebellious edge. This engagement ring is designed to make a bold statement, showcasing a captivating oval or round centre stone nestled within a striking half halo, all meticulously set in lustrous rose gold.

At Windfall Jewellery, we believe in creating extraordinary pieces without compromising our values. Our Celestial Ring is handcrafted in our Melbourne studio using ethically sourced materials, ensuring a guilt-free indulgence in luxury. We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of conventional design, offering an alternative look for those who crave something truly unique.

Diamond accent dimensions:

1 x 2.5mm + 2 x 2mm + 2 x 1.8mm + 2 x 1.5mm

The Celestial Ring boasts an ensemble of diamond accents, each one carefully selected to enhance its celestial allure. A commanding 2.5mm diamond takes centre stage, flanked by two 2mm diamonds, two 1.8mm diamonds, and two 1.5mm diamonds, radiating a celestial glow that sets this ring apart.

As rebels in the realm of fine jewellery, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-expression and individuality. Choose from our standard range of options or let us curate the perfect diamond or stone combination to match your distinct style. Windfall Jewellery is here to make your celestial dreams come true, defying conventions and redefining the concept of ethical engagement rings.

If you want us to find you the perfect diamond or stone combination for you then please  contact us here. Or choose from our standard range of options above for your order.


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