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Windfall Journal - Lockdown 2.0

Windfall Journal - Lockdown 2.0

Here we are reeling with excitement over the MOST EPIC JULY SALE EVER!!! With record breaking items on the site, record breaking sales coming through and items selling out in MINUTES. What a ride, and what a high. We are SO honoured to have such a huge turn out for this event. 

So we are still riding this wave of high emotions and BAM!! Lockdown 2.0 hits us. Stage 4 restrictions. Something that has never been done before across Australia. What does Stage 4 look like?? For those of you outside of Melbourne....It means RETAIL SHUTS, WORK STOPS, NO ONE LEAVES HOME! It's heavy. Heavy penalties for people who break the rules AND A CURFEW!!! 

So here we are trying to navigate a Stage 4 lockdown within Melbourne Metro areas, which is where our studio is located, and juggling the biggest month of sales we've ever had. Orders piling in, and we're not allowed to be on site in our studio. So life goes on hold for 6 weeks. Melbourne weddings are called off completely. Our wedding rings go back in the holds box. 

Its a pretty grim outlook for us Victorians BUT we take this opportunity to focus on other areas of our business. Focus on the things on our 'to do list'. Our staff split up and take work home and do the best we can from the suburbs we live in with the little resources we have. I personally load the IN STOCK page of our website with everything we have to create a page where you can comfortably shop with no wait times. Got a birthday during ISO? We got you covered. Got a friend who needs a surprise gift to cheer them up? We got you covered. 

While we can't be in the studio chipping away, what we can do is prepare for the future. And get you ready for the future. Design your engagement rings, design your wedding bands, source your stones, find the perfect partii sapphire or salt and pepper diamond

"In the midst of every crisis, lies a great opportunity" ~ Albert Einstein ~

Stay safe and stay the fuck home (if you're in Melbourne) We've even added Face Masks to the website. Why? Because apparently it will help slow down the spread....and you get fined $200 on the spot for not wearing one Victoria wide. So we are going to anything we can to get our lives back to normal. And if wearing a mask helps then bring it on. Find them here: and some camo dudes here:

Lets hope we do this properly this time round and we can go out and hug our friends and drink a margarita in public when Summer comes around. 

If you are feeling down, and lets face it, we all are getting a little fucked up during this lockdown, please send me an email or a message via instagram or Facebook. My email is Please don't hesitate to reach out if you're down and want to chat. I know I feel like the world is spinning out of control and everything I live for is getting stripped away from me. I don't doubt some of you feel the same. 

-Love Lani x