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Windfall Journal - We made it to the half way point

Windfall Journal  - We made it to the half way point

Of what must be the fucking worst year in our history. 

But here we are. We are alive. Our business is safe and sound and we are grateful for each and every day. 

When we get to the half way point of a year it's always the same for us here at HQ. We talk about what holidays we have planned, what sunny warm part of the world we are about to jet off too and soak up the Vitamin D. This year we are STUCK because of #COVID on home soil. No adventure. No travel. No sun. Just a LOOOOOONG Melbourne Winter to get through. BUT the silver lining. We are 1000% dedicated to our annual JULY SALE. 

With no travel in sight and all hands on deck we make the epic lead up to the July Sale with so much excitement. Each day we spend loading up the Sale items of SECONDS, DISCONTINUED and SAMPLE stock is so exciting!!!

The sale is made up largely of mistakes. Some may look at this like a bum out. But not us. It's an opportunity to learn, to grow, to cleanse. We're human. We make mistakes. We make things in the wrong size. The gems might be set perfectly. We may cast something with air bubbles, we may not get the finish 100%. We might try a new style that isn't as popular as we hoped. We make a sample that we don't love. It's all these 'imperfections' that make the sale so massive. 

So although we're stuck here in fucking lockdown. Sanitising our hands 1000 times a day and trading a love filled hug with mates to a stupid elbow bump we are hopeful of the future and what the future holds.....THE JULY SALE!!!!! 

Stay tuned by signing up to our mailing list (everyone on the mailing list gets first access!!!!) Order a ring sizer here, so you know your size on the day and you can try on the sizer on different fingers. And stay tuned! Not long to go.

In a final note....Thank you for all your support these last few months. Times are weird and you guys bring some normality to our world. So thank you. 

 Love Lani xx