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Gem Set Jewellery Cleaning Kit


Keep Your Jewellery Sparkling with a Jewellery Cleaning Kit

Have you ever noticed how much a brand new gemstone ring, necklace or gold bangle shines when you first buy it? Over time, as you wear your favourite jewellery pieces, they do start to fade. They lose some of that gorgeous lustre and maybe they stop sparkling in the light like they used to.

The reality is, our precious metals, gems, and other jewellery pieces can accumulate dust, muck and smudges just like anything else unless they’re well-maintained. The way to keep your personal collection looking flawless is to use a jewellery cleaner to clean away any marks and reveal your jewellery’s original brilliance.


Stones suitable for cleaning with this kit: Morganite, Moissanite, Diamond (lab or natural), Topaz, Garnet, Citrine, Saaphire, Onyx. 

*Not reccommended for pearls, lapis lazuli, opal.