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Double Link Curb Chain Bracelet


On top of everyones 'wish list' the curb is a simple and classic design of flat, interlocking, identical links. Double curb link chains are thicker than the average variety. A jewellery style which has highly desired and absolutely timeless. 

You have seen these designs on many hip hop stars, athletes and other celebrities, these popular and versatile necklaces can also be fashionable and elegant when worn in moderation!

Our double curb link chains are very durable and with the right care, last for a lifetime. We are proud to offer a large range of these chains for most tastes and budgets, and more than that, we can accept custom orders for 18k and 24k gold of any length and thickness. We can even melt down your gold and put it into one!!

Double curb links are not a style which comes at a cheap price. This 'wish list' piece as a price tag which matches its weight in gold. These pieces are handmade in Melbourne (not machines like many other chains) with a  highly polished and smooth finish. 

The Double curb is literally two links tighter together instead of the single cuban link.


Available in sterling silver, 9k yellow gold, rose gold and white gold.

Widths - 6mm, 8mm & 10mm, 12mm, 14mm 

Length - 18cm & 24cm 

18k gold and custom length/width available on request - 

Please email