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Our guide to Australian Parti Sapphires

A sparkling Australian Parti Sapphire Trillion ring

Gemstones come in and out of fashion. Sometimes pastel is in – like Lavender Moonstone, sometimes green – like Peridot Stone. They can feel like a time portal to another time, another dimension. They reawaken memories and may be considered a precious thing from another era that holds a special place in your heart. 

One particularly popular gemstone – and understandably so – is the sapphire. Sapphire comes from the Greek word which unsurprisingly means blue, like the colour of the gemstone itself.

Many ornamental jewellery pieces made in the past included sapphire stones as they represent purity, integrity, honesty and wealth among people – paving the way for the domination of sapphire in use of jewellery today.

Quick facts about Australian parti sapphires

Australian Parti sapphires are a unique variation of sapphires that are predominantly found in Australia. However, they are sometimes sourced from Madagascar, Tanzania and Nigeria. Here are some quick facts about the beautiful parti sapphire: 

MOH’s hardness:

Birth month: September

Colour: Green, blue and yellow

Mineral: Corundum

What is an Australian Parti Sapphire?

Australian parti sapphires are strong, durable gemstones known for their sparkling fusion of green, blue and yellow. With a MOH’s hardness of 9, parti sapphires (like all sapphires) are second only to diamonds when it comes to strength.

The three colours are showcased in a single alluring gemstone making it very valuable and sought out by many jewellery buyers. They are striking, individual and dreamy – just like all our ethical engagement rings, making them a match made in heaven for our designs.

Conventional blue sapphires are a classic – everyone knows sapphires come in blue, but this precious gemstone is also available in other delicious colours like green, yellow, violet, orange and pink. Parti is just one special kind of sapphire – we can source any of these colours for you for your jewellery.  

Our favourite Australian parti sapphire designs

Parti sapphires are one of our favourite gems to work with in our designs. They make a beautiful addition to any ring, necklace, or earring design. Australian parti sapphires can come in a variety of cuts and styles – whether that’s a cluster on a ring, or a simple and classic solitaire ring.

Here are some of our favourite parti sapphire designs we’ve completed at Windfall: 


Where are parti sapphires sourced from?

Our favourite parti sapphires come from a family owned-mine in Queensland, Australia. We also source sapphires from Madagascar where sapphires have a strong teal mix of greens. 
Our designers and jewellers at Windfall Jewellery understand how special a gemstone can be and the kind of sentimental values it can possess. So reach out if you want us and we can hand-source the PERFECT parti sapphire just for you.

Choosing an Australian parti sapphire

Whether you’re looking for an ethical engagement ring, necklace, or a pair of earrings, parti sapphires will make a striking addition to your piece. Parti sapphires tend to differ in price based on the clarity, carat, and cut of the stone – just like any other gemstone in your jewellery.
But what we tend to advise when it comes to choosing parti sapphires is to choose what you love. The beauty of the parti sapphire is their unique, distinct look, so if you have a specific idea in mind of the parti gem you want, we can get that just for you. 

Create your own customised Australian parti sapphire engagement ring

Want to add a parti sapphire to a custom engagement ring design for your special day? Parti sapphires are an incredible and unique gemstone to include on your engagement ring, and will ensure you have a ring design that is distinctive for you and your fiance. 
We can source a specific look that is exactly what you’re after, and work with you to design the engagement ring of your dreams. You get a say in the look, feel, and overall design of your ring so that it’s exactly what you want.
Reach out to Windfall team via email at and we can help you create the Australian parti engagement ring (or any gemstone, for that matter) that you will cherish forever. At Windfall, we hold your hand every step of the way. It’s a fun ride. 
Love Lani xx